Best Apps for Gear VR

by Tom Savage | Last Updated: March 21, 2020

Best Apps for Gear VR

Gear VR may not be one of the world’s most advanced VR platforms, but due to its performance and simplicity it is, nonetheless, wildly used. Although some of its apps and functions may not be on par with more popular counterparts, you can experience some unique things, especially when looking through the Gear VR lenses and into your Samsung Galaxy screen. Check out some of the best apps for Gear VR.

Important Gear VR Features

Gear VR has been growing its library consistently since 2015. Whether it’s indie titles or apps developed by reputable companies such as Oculus Rooms, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others, you have plenty of options to pick from.

There’s a good selection of free apps, as well as paid apps, compatible with Gear VR. However, note that Samsung doesn’t offer the most versatile controller for Gear VR headsets. Therefore, its compatibility in many games will be limited.

Of course, the good news is that Gear VR supports a wide range of advanced controllers from sticks, to PlayStation-like controllers, to flight simulator controllers. Therefore, you’re not as limited as you think. As long as you’re willing to invest in making your Gear VR setup more user-friendly and immersive.

What Can You Do on Gear VR?

A lot more than you ever thought possible with a smartphone. First of all, Samsung offers a massive 360-degree video library. All the videos are accessible through a Gear VR headset and you can add your own stuff to the library too. So, you can either immerse yourself in other people’s experiences or create your own and share it with the world.

Games are in high demand on VR platforms, more so than anything else. It makes sense since most people need to unplug from daily stress and do something fun at the end of the day. The selection of Gear VR compatible games is quite extensive in both paid and free-to-play markets.

Best Apps for Gear VR Headsets


One of the most popular sandbox games in the world, Minecraft is available on Gear VR. While the game isn’t much to look at in terms of graphics, the level of interaction with the virtual world is boundless.

Playing Minecraft in VR is a truly unique experience. And quite frankly, the graphics aspect shouldn’t be much of an issue. Especially given how many VR games and apps have cartoon-like graphics anyway.

Although the game can be demanding at times, you can also switch to a windowed view, if you want a less immersive experience.



Some situations can be overwhelming in VR

Oculus Rooms

If you’re not much of a gamer, it doesn’t mean that Gear VR can’t keep you occupied. Oculus Rooms is a free app on Gear VR in which socialization through virtual avatars is the main goal. Think of this as the main social app for Gear VR.

Oculus Rooms allows you to create your own social environment, invite friends or strangers to hang out, play mini games, and even watch TV.

What’s also cool is that the app features Facebook integration. This can offer even more things to do and ways to interact with others.



Easy to lose track of time

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is Samsung’s own VR browser. In a head-to-head battle against the more popular Oculus browser, Samsung Internet more than holds its own in terms of performance, features, and accessibility.

By using Gear VR you can access this browser, search, and watch a variety of 360-degree videos, 180-degree videos, as well as anything from the extensive 2D content library.

If you’re curious about VR but aren’t in the mood for high-intensity gaming or social lounges, this can be an interesting alternative to experience. It will allow you to get a feel for a VR environment and user interaction, while also enjoying some cool video content in a unique way.



May experience lag

Paint VR

While the Paint VR app isn’t free, it is very cheap given its potential for relaxation. This is an app that puts you in an open 360-degree environment with a virtual brush. The Gear VR controller’s responsiveness in Paint VR is very good, as it experiences little to no lag.

You can paint on walls, you can paint the air, and you can inspect your creations from any angle, as well as modify them in any way you want. Granted, there are better VR painting apps on the market, but this one is the best available on Gear VR.

Although you’re unlikely to paint any Louvre-worthy paintings using the provided colors, if you’re looking to escape, relax, and let your mind wonder, Paint VR is probably right up your alley.



Not as complex as similar apps on other platforms

Star Chart

Star Chart is a very impressive app, specifically designed for sci-fi fans, scientists, or anyone with a passion for astronomy and cosmology. With this app, you can imagine going beyond that final frontier.

The app includes all the major constellations. You can look at them as if you were looking through a telescope. You can even go visit various planets, hold celestial objects in your hands, and manipulate them to see every detail.

What’s even cooler is that you can also immerse yourself in the Mars Rover’s journey on Mars, as well as in the Apollo 11 moon landing. The app isn’t free but it offers something truly special when you think about it.



Paid app

More are Likely to Come

Although now discontinued, Gear VR is still used by many Samsung users. So even if new headsets are unlikely to come out any time soon, app developers are still working tirelessly on expanding the Gear VR library with new content and more soon-to-be best apps for Gear VR headsets.